1 September 2021

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A shortish day today, time for a cup of tea and a cake in Booths on my way back to the campsite. Today’s tally was five Wainwright summits. Shortish maybe but there was still 1,400 metres to climb (4,600ft) and 28,000 steps.

A good mountain weather forecast is issued in the late afternoon every day, the forecast covers the next three days. I was hoping for a poor weather day but it’s not to be. Each of the next three days is going to be good. I am emotionally unable to sit around the campsite on a sunny day when there are peaks to be climbed!

This morning was not looking good with mist on the tops. The forecast said it would probably clear later. I didn’t think it would.

It was really cold up there in the cloud. I put on my layers. From the top of Grisedale I dropped down to Hobcarton End.

It was warm down there out of the mist. But my route lay back up in the mist and along the ridge.

Slowly the cloud began to disperse.

Slowly the views lengthened and more distant peaks appeared.

By lunchtime the views extended and as the afternoon progressed the sun lit the slopes. Here are a couple of samples.

There were definitely many more walkers on my route today. I counted 16 in one group.

By the end of the walk I was wishing I had packed my shorts and sun hat. Looking back to the skyline where I had been.

What wonderful light, what wonderful views.

On my way up I passed this unusual path regeneration system. I thought I had stumbled across someone’s allotment.

A cairn along the way had this unusually marked stone. It looked like it had been painted!

Back in the valley at the bottom of the Whinlatter Pass this sign warned of things to come.

I cannot visualise that many cyclists. Will they all get round? Look it up. It’s not for the faint hearted. So many super fit people.

31st August 2021

Today’s map https://new.spotwalla.com/trip/77af-24251e10-2ce7/view

An easy day to placate my protesting knees but these things are all relative I guess. It was still about 12 km and a couple of thousand feet of ascent.

My first peak was a stroll up from the parking spot by the church. There was no charge. Amazing. This is the peak with the roof of the church showing in the trees.

The view from the top over Ullswater looking east.

I was heading towards the two hills in the middle distance. Both are also Wainwrights.

From the top of the first the second looked big. All that way down to the valley and then up and up.

This is deer territory, Martindale Deer Forest, home to the oldest native red deer herd in England. The valley is very peaceful.

I never saw any deer here. Maybe in a few days when I am on the higher fells at the head of the valley I might see some.

I did however see a red squirrel as I drove down the quiet road. It was a rare sight for me. We only have grey ones in our garden.

Up on the ridge of the third peak, Beda Fell, I spotted this shelter

It looked like there once was a roof that had collapsed.

I wonder what stories this could tell. Who built it? Why? When?

My mind started composing stories about it as I descended. Imaginary stories, of course. Then I came to a hillside of bracken and needed to concentrate. There is quite a good track hidden under the canopy.

That was an easy day and three Wainwrights were climbed. I’m not sure my legs agree that it was an easy day.

Martindale is a wonderfully peaceful corner of the Lakes. It is just the spot to relax and unwind and have an adventure. I wonder what lies on the other side of this gate?