John Peel

24 km 1,010 m ascent Map

The country to the north of the Lakes around Calbeck is the home of John Peel of “Do you ken John Peel with his coat so gay…” fame. I spent the day walking the Caldbeck fells.

These hills are the Northern End of the Lakes. There is flat ground around here!

It was a steep climb to the first summit

It is amazing to think that there was a fort up here in ancient times. They didn’t have goretex in those days. Life must have been very hard.

The hills are definitely rounded

As I was walking along this ridge I spotted some sheep running across the hillside. It struck me that they were moving fast. Something must be chasing them. Then I realised that it was a pack of foxhounds running across the ground. They were well controlled by someone on a quad bike and he called to them and off they sped away from me and over the brow of the hill. Somehow it seemed appropriate to see foxhounds in the land of John Peel.

The next summit had a stone bench with a commemoration to a 16 year old who died in 1944.It is most unusual to see a stone bench. I wondered how they transported it up here.

I was lucky that these hills stayed cloud free most of the time. Glimpses of distant Bassenthwaite appeared

But the higher peak of Skiddaw remained firmly in the mist

I have often looked at footpaths and realised that humans seem to be unable to walk in a straight line. Look how this path wanders around

Just for a moment there was a patch of sunlight and the colours of the hillside became more vivid

The last bit of the ridge walk was up to the summit of Great Calva. The clouds had descended and I was almost at the summit before I saw it.

I descended into the valley of Mosedale and there was a long walk back to my starting point

It took me a while walking through the bare hills. There are no walls, no trees, just grass and bracken on what felt like bald slopes. Somehow to my mind they didn’t look ‘right’.

There is talk of snow on the hills tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Great Cockup

22 km 1,300 m ascent. Map

I am back in the Lakes for five days to continue my quest to visit all the Wainwright summits. I am staying at Keswick Youth Hostel. With today’s tally I have been to 38. (Out of 214)

The forecast was for low cloud and drizzle. They were right. I decided to visit some hills in the North, low hills and separated ones. So it was three walks with a short car journey between them. If you look at the map you will find it confusing!

What a great name for a Fell – Great Cockup. That was the first one I visited today. The view was – well there wasn’t one.

Surprisingly there were a few people about. People as mad as myself, I hadn’t expected to see anyone on a Friday.

Yes it was misty all day

The view from the last of the mornings group was just the same

I was back down to my car for lunch out of the drizzle and in the dry. What luxury!

The afternoon was occupied with ascending two isolated fells. On the first I chatted with a lady who recommended that I miss out on the last peak of the day and save it for better weather. Go and have a coffee and cake instead was her advice. But then the sky started clearing so I thought I would give it a try.

The sky didn’t clear much at all and it was another mist filled summit. The way down was by a waterfall.

This was the top. It was a long detour to see the main part of the fall. It was the end of the day and I hadn’t the energy. This long shot in the mist gives a small hint of it

That must be one of the worst pictures I have ever posted onto the blog!

I think there will be more misty photos tomorrow….