To Mohács

Day 30 33km July 22

I was on the water at 7am, half an hour later than the last couple of days. I wake up at 5.30 anyway. I’m not sure if it’s the rustling from other paddlers as they get ready or if it’s because the sun is up. Oh well, if I am awake I might as well get up.

The water was calm today with little wind. I was hoping for more wind to cool me. The temperature was in the low 30’s today.

My new routine is to get up and get on the water straight away. After an hour and a half or so I stop on a peaceful bank and eat my yoghurt and muesli and bread and jam.

There are a lot of sandy banks in this stretch. Yesterday being Sunday there were a lot of small boats and families enjoying these features. Today there are only the keen fishermen’s encampments.

This couple passed me, two organised paddlers are quicker than one. They obviously cannot fit all their luggage under the deck.

I rarely see a village on the side of the river as they are hidden behind trees but today was an exception.

There are some lucky people who have houses on the bank of the river and each house seems to have its own slipway

Today was a milestone day, I passed the 1455km marker on the River Bank. (These markers measure the distance to the Black Sea)

The significances of this is that I have paddled 1,000 km since I set off 30 days ago. And of course have 1,455 left to travel.

I celebrated with a banana

Approaching Mohács I passed the industrial part. A barge is being loaded with ???

The town looks inviting. I’m sure they will have some ice cream shops.

late update:

Yes I did find an ice cream shop. It was excellent.

To Baja

Day 29 50km July 21

Phew, that was a hard day. The flow in the river was not very significant today so every kilometre was significant. I did some calculations today – the journey involved 12,500 paddle strokes. I was surprised how small the number was. If I had walked 50km I would have done 30,000 or more steps.

5.30am in the campsite

Lots of people are up. No one talks because a lot of folks are still sleeping. We wish each other a good morning with a smile and a wave.

The river looked welcoming this morning

The sun was bright

It was 21°C.

Seven and a half hours and 12,500 paddle strokes later I arrived at the campsite. By then the temperature had risen to 33°. I was hot, tired and in need of a cold beer!

Not many others had arrived so I could choose a nice shady spot

(There is a can of beer in the pic!)

On the river today I spotted my largest barge seen so far. Three barges side by side wide

And two barges long. I think it is a reflection of how wide the river is now.

I had the realisation the other day that I am not paddling a kayak. I am paddling a floating suitcase. I arrive at my campsite and everything I need comes out of the kayak and then gets repacked the following morning. Isn’t that what you do with a suitcase??

It was a long effort for me today. We have had two long days. I am tired. Tomorrow is a bit shorter and then a rest day on Tuesday. Hurrah.