Tuesday 29 September

Map. 1,175m ascent

A perfect day for walking. What a difference to yesterday. This was today’s first summit

This one is called Grike. I was walking in the very west of the Lakes, where the hills are rounded and the walking is easy but the distances are large. I was eager to take this opportunity of good weather to do this walk as by now I was getting quite fit after a week, the streams were low (there were a few to ford) and this was the last good weather day of my holiday.

It is a delight to be fit again, to be able to stride out with energy and maybe lose a bit of flab. I can recommend a weeks walking with me if you want to lose a bit of weight. Maybe I could market it as a weight loss program?

The paths were a delight

The view over Ennerdale was to the ridge I walked yesterday. I traversed from left to right almost all in the mist. Pity.

I had to walk for two miles along this well built wall.

The miles flew by. The wall had a few gaps with stiles. Unfortunately this one needs a lot of repair.

The sunlight across the fells created some gorgeous colours

These sheep seemed surprised to see someone on their mountain!

I reached Haycock in time for lunch and was eating my egg and watercress sandwiches when three other walking parties appeared. The first I had seen all day. I thought I had the hills to myself on a late September weekday.

The last summit of the day. The sun was still shining and the hills were still looking stunning.

There was still a good hours walk left down this lonely valley.

It is my last day in the the hills. Time to leave and escape – heavy rain is forecast for tomorrow. (It arrived at 5am Wednesday )

I walked up 27 of the Wainwright hills on this adventure. Of the 214 of them I have walked up 155 so far this year. I had hoped to visit them all this year but then Covid 19 has upset all our plans. I don’t think I will be camping in winter as well as walking. You do need to have a drying room handy if you are walking in winter.

The funniest moment of my trip happened on Tuesday when I was on the ridge above Buttermere in the mist. I was walking off the summit of High Stile towards High Crag. I had been going for 5 minutes in the mist in the right direction and as a matter of habit I checked my gps to make sure I was on course. The gps said I was walking in the wrong direction. For a couple of minutes I was absolutely totally convinced that it couldn’t possibly be correct and that it had stopped working properly and it was broken.

Then I realised I was being a fool.

It’s funny how we humans can convince ourselves of even the most ridiculous ideas!!

Monday 28 September

Map. 1,450m ascent

The forecast was for increasing cloud and maybe drizzle after midday so I set off early 7.30am. Everything was calm and peaceful. Crummock Water was still.

The path was slight but clear and it made for easy walking.

I was up here in this valley early this year and the ground was sodden but after a good summer the going was much easier.

Looking back down the bowl I had ascended.

Here I disturbed two stags with resplendent antlers. On the top of the ridge the cloud is closing in on me.

Looking along the ridge

By the time I reached one of the higher summits the mist was here to stay. But a dry type of mist.

It was like this all day. At times there was a bit of rain but it stopped and started. Enough rain though to get my boots wet.

One of the peaks on this ridge is called Red Pike. The rocks are really red.

Eventually I was back along the shores of Buttermere

A delightful path along the shore led back to a warm shower and a hearty meal.

The sky cleared and I watched the moon rise as I write this

A most excellent walk.