Journeying home

Day 75 Sep 5

A friend emailed me with an interesting explanation for the name of the Black Sea, which isn’t of course black.

I discovered that in medieval times north is symbolised by the colour black – and this sea was north of Greece.

The kayaks are loaded on the boat this morning

Goodbye to the Black Sea

After four and a half hours we arrived in Tulcea and loaded kayaks onto a trailer

This trailer is towed behind a comfortable coach. The journey back to my car in southern Germany will take 26 hours on this coach! There are three drivers in this nonstop journey.

Juergen drew an interesting parallel with climbing Everest. I found this statistic on the Internet:

Just under 1000 people attempt to climb Everest each year and about 500 climbers reach the summit every year, this being a combination of Sherpas, other guides, clients, and professional climbers

Juergen pointed out that only twenty six people paddled all the way down the Danube this year on the Tour!

A very select group!