August 13

Le Rouget to Aumont Aubrac 17 km

There seems to be a problem with the map. It hasn’t updated today but I am sure it will get sorted soon. 

Todays route is considered now to be a short distance! I set off late, had a long lunch and arrived at my hostel at 3.30pm. The sun shone, I had some good chats and also some solitary walking. I have realised that I like  some solitary walking time every day. It is a good balance to have both. It is good for me to have time for reflection every day and not fill every moment with distraction. 

View over the ground I crossed today. I noticed that the roofs of the houses have suddenly changed colour from red to grey. 

This was the type of terrain I covered today, all along farm and forest tracks. 
The above picture was looking to the right of the track. A harvested wheat field. 

This one from the same spot looking to the left. It shows the poor thin soil and vegetation that naturally occurs in the absence of fertilisers. 

Lunch was a luxury affair today:But then it often is. Fresh fruit, fresh bread and spring water. That’s all I need. 

The churches in this part have very different bell towers. 

In this very old church there was at the very back was an illuminated object. It doesn’t show up well in this photo. 

On closer inspection it proved to be an illuminated glass workIt is just lovely. I know not it’s significance. 

I was walking late this afternoon and caught up with a Frenchman. He kindly spoke in English. He asked me where I was from. This is often the first question in a pilgrim conversation. When I told him I was from England he said he had heard about me. Stories had been shared about a lone Englishman who had walked all the way from his home. Is this some kind of fame I wondered. Then he also told me that he had met two days ago a Polish man who had started walking from Poland. I’m not the only one. 

The local church had some lovely stained glass:

For dinner tonight we had Aligot. It is a local speciality:

Potatoes, cheese and garlic. It goes well with a glass or two of red wine.