August 15

Nasbinals to St Chely d’Aubrac 17km. 550m descent

A short day today sauntering over the plateau and then downhill to my Gite. It is good to have a rest day or at least a short day every now and again. I have planned a rest day for Conques which I reach on Friday. It is supposed to be very picturesque. 

Pilgrims on the track ahead. The plateau is bleak in places:

But there were some new flowers sheltering in the grass

There was this reminder that the winter here must be cold, white and bitter

There were long views today looking ahead to the country I will be traversing in the next few days:

This area is renowned for its beef. I was told by a Frenchman that I just had to have a steak whilst I am here. He said it is the best in France. The path led next to this bull

Typical of his sex he wasn’t satisfied with the cows in his field – he was making funny noises at the cows the other side of the barbed wire. 

And typical of their sex they were paying him no attention whatsoever!

Descending to the tiny village of Aubrac there was the appalling site of a huge line parked cars. There is a very old church in the village that was overflowing with people attending Mass. There were loudspeakers relaying the service to the overflow outside. It is a feast day today and a National Holiday in France. 

I have never seen such a complicated gate. It is more like a maze! You have to walk through this. 

Wayside cross. There are many of these. 

The way down was steep and rocky for some. I thought it a simple walk. 

Looking down into the valley

The older houses are roofed with local stone that has a bit of mica in it which gives it a lovely sparkly effect. 

Narrow lanes:

There are lots for dinner tonight: