August 21

Livinhac le Haut to Figeac      25km. Ascent 250m. Descent 350m

Self portrait:

It was a hot day again. Apologies for reporting on stunning weather. Tomorrow is destined to be even hotter. 

Discarded boots outside the Gite. They are really into recycling there. 

There was a lot of road walking today. Fortunately there is a path specifically made for the pilgrims. 

The early morning views were stunning yet again. 

The route is marked by red and white paint marks. These are the standard markings on all the French long distance paths. I have been following them for months.last night it was pointed out to me that these signs are the exact colours of the Polish flag. 

The town I am staying at, Figeac, is another pretty place:

It also has a wonderful Abbey. I guess you would expect that. 

I have decided to send my tent, my inflatable mattress and my solar charging panel home. It will save 1.5kg!  I hope it won’t prove to be a rash decision. I really don’t think I have much use for these in the next two months. 


I am walking for the next four days down a quiet river gorge. It is a variant on the standard route. It is alleged to be very pretty. My postings may become erratic as I don’t know how good the mobile signal will be. I have been warned that there are stretches where there is no signal at all. This will not affect my map which should still get updated.