August 20
Conques to Livinhac le Haut     23 km Ascent 400m Descent 700m

The walk up out of the valley this morning was long and steep and was just the thing for a cold morning. 

It was another perfect day of blue sky and warm breezes. The route climbed up and up and along the track there were stations of the cross

At the top of the hill was a little chapel to St Roch. 

There were only two windows in this chapel but both were wonderful. 

There was one cafe along the route today and it was open so I stopped for a coffee. It had a wooden rack just at the height for you to take off your rucksack without having to lower it to the ground. Brilliant. In Nepal where everything used to be transported on people’s backs these sorts of structures were commonplace. 

The views today were just stunning:

There was a lot of road walking but a path had been made alongside. There was only one car every half hour. 

This group of trees was very striking:

The bark on one of them looked like a stained glass window:

I am staying in a little town

The colour of the roofs of the houses is changing back to red. 

The little Gite has a very unusual stamp

It is a quote from Charlie Chaplin. How good is your French??

At dinner the most common language around the table was German. I didn’t get around to finishing this blog last night as the wine was too cheap and the conversation was too much fun. It’s not true at all that Germans have no sense of humour!