August 22

Figeac to   Corm    19km Ascent 250m

I’m staying in a sort of Bed & Breakfast tonight. My ‘patron’ said the thermometer was reading 39° in the shade (102°F) at 3.30pm. I am not sure her thermometer is correct but it was certainly very hot. I was glad I had planned a shortish day and I didn’t have to ‘enjoy’ any more of the heat and I could have a shower and take refuge in the cool building. The rest of the week is going to be cooler they say. 

The Gite I stayed in last night had a great system for storing rucksacks:Just the right height to get in them whilst they are hanging up. 

In most places you have to leave your rucksack and shoes by the entrance and they provide each person with a box to carry the things you need up to the bedroom. Doing this helps to stop the spread of bed bugs. There are notices in most places warning against them. I am hoping I don’t come across any. 

The first thing in the day’s routine is to find a patisserie to buy a baguette for lunch and try and resist temptation. They should make rucksacks with a special compartment so you can carry a couple of these without squashing them! I shall have to have a word with someone. 

The route was again mainly on deserted country roads

You walk along these for an hour and there might be one car that passes. 

The early morning views were the usual high quality:

I am taking a variant of the normal route for the next three days. It goes down the valley of the River Célé which then joins the River Lot. I like rivers and this variant comes highly recommended. Phone reception is generally lousy but overnight accomodation usually has what the French call ‘weefee’ so I can update the blog. 

There was a warning on my route:Just in case you haven’t been paying attention. The normal route is the GR65. 

There was the odd villageThis one had a bar for my mid morning coffee. It is becoming a regular habit. I like to think the caffeine gives my walking legs a boost. 

Some of the stonework is absolutely gorgeous:

Lunch was by the River Célé. It was so cool in the shade. 

It was also a three church day. The churches are also refuges from the heat. They are so cool and are also very still and quiet and full of peace. I usually stay in them for 10 minutes or so. 

I am the only one staying in this place. A contrast from last night where there were 14 round the table. This is my food for the evening – just delivered.That’s more red wine in the jug……..

Bon appetit.