August 23

Corm to Marcilhac Sur Célé    24km

So far on this trip I have only lost a penknife and one sock. Today I left my bag of food in the fridge in the B&B. I set off down the road thinking to myself that my bag was light. I had been walking for an hour and a half and was along a minor road when the husband in his red van drove down the road towards me. He had set off to return it to me. Phew. Lunch was saved. I would have been hungry. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you. 

The track is quiet which is what I was hoping for. I only saw four pilgrims the whole day. 

Along this track with the river on the right I encountered this bench. Startling in its simple design:

The bar at the back is just the right place so you can sit on the bench and rest your ruck sac on it. It does work – I tried it out. 

The path climbed up from the valley onto the limestone plateau three times (and descended three times).  The plateau is very dry and the vegetation here is very hardy

Ancient pathway with stone walls on each side. 

The river has at sometime in the past carved out great rock wallsI was walking along the base of this one and there was a sign saying ‘Chateau des Anglais 12th century’ with an arrow pointing upwards. So I looked upGosh. There was no obvious way up to this that I could see. It was built right into the rock. 

Further along the valley was another cliff but this time there were more modern buildings

Some of them are built right up to the rock:

Most of the village was away from the rock face

The grapes are beginning to fill out nicely now. I guess it will be another month before they are picked. 

This is the village I am staying in:

It has a very old abbey

I stopped in a church earlier in the day and it had a most unusual confessional:This is literally a hole in the wall. 

There are ten for dinner tonight. It was a bit too quiet last night on my own in the B&B. When I am camping by myself it is a different feeling. Somehow houses are designed to house people and their absence is obvious. My tent is too small for a second person!!