August 26 

Rest day in Cahors 

Today is Saturday which is market day in the square outside the Cathedral. What a wonderful collection of colour and smells. 

The aroma from this stall was wonderful. Every kind of herb and spice you have ever heard of. And more:

No French market would be complete without an onion seller:

There is some modern stained glass in the Cathedral along with the ancient:

I was sitting in the Cathedral quietly when someone started playing the organ. I stayed for half an hour listening to its wonderful sound. It is a very good organ. The music was a set of variations. I love organs played in a church. It was wonderful. 

I had to leave before the end because I had been invited to a pre-lunch drink (with nibbles – French ones) – my host and his wife and another English couple sat in the garden for an hour. Good conversation. 

I had a couple of long phone chats with folks back in England, I completed a few odd jobs, I booked accomodation for the next four nights, I had a nap. 

All in all it was a great rest day. 

Oh and the old town of Cahors is very pretty.