August 28

Lascabanes to Lauzerte 24 km

I was sharing a room last night with someone who snored. It was magnificent. I’ve never heard such a powerful and varied display before. It was worth waking up sleepers in other rooms to witness the performance. But I decided not to do that in the end…..

He started getting up early so I did the same and was on the road at 6.30am when it was hardly light. That’s the headtorch of another pilgrim. 

I was glad of the early start. The forecast was for the hottest day of the week at 35°. I passed an electronic sign at 2pm that displayed 39° 

Early morning on the trail. 
Just short of the halfway point I stopped in a village for a coffee. I walked past this unusual statue in a little corner. I don’t think there is much doubt what this guy is up to. 

At some point of every day there are some good views over the surrounding terrain. Today was no different:

Someone has rearranged the stones on the path into a well known symbol:

One church I visited had a most unusual stained glass window above the altar:

Most stained glass shows pictures of religious figures and not a group of soldiers sheltering in a WWI trench. It might not show on the internet but the guy with the red beard has a cross round his neck – he must be the chaplain talking to the soldiers. It is a nice touch to put the names of those who died on the window. 
The Gite I am staying at is in yet another of these picturesque French villages. It is situated on the top of a steep hill which is not what you want on a very hot day at the end of a good walk. When you are at the top you find that all the food shops are at the bottom!

The main roads circle the hill at the bottom so the village is very quiet. 

There seem to be quite a few art galleries in this place. There is plenty of culture. In the main square someone has pulled up the corner of the paving to see what is underneath:

Under the cobbles are some lovely colourful tiles:

There are also a lot of English in the cafe here in the square. In Montcuq where I had coffee this morning I passed four houses where I could hear English being spoken through the open windows. 

This villages is so pretty:
Footwear at the Gite:

Today’s crop question:

I passed this crop today that I had never seen before. My French compatriots identified it as Millet: