August 29

Lauzerte to Moissac. 27km

I was one of the last to leave this morning – at 6.30!  It was crazy. The first person to get up in my dorm did so at 5am. At 6.30 it was just beginning to get light. I only just managed to see the markers to find my way out of town. I don’t know how the others managed in the complete darkness. They must have better torches. 

I do like being up and about at this time of day. It has a lovely feeling and you get to see great skies

It was the usual collection of farmtracks and road walking. The day wasn’t as hot as promised, thankfully. 

View of the countryside

I crossed one of those classic tree-lined French roads
The bark on the trees is amazing

Along the way this pile of apples had the notice ‘help yourself’ ( in French of course)The one I ate was very tasty. 

It is getting towards the end of the tomato season

Some of the trees are losing their leaves

Along the path was a notice:There is another notice on the next tree – you might just spot it. It said:

Clever marketing. It was a hippyish drinks place:It is a long time since I have heard this Nepalese greeting – Namaste. 

This structure is a dovecote. The only means of access to the interior is through a hole in the floor

you can see the holes for the birds in the tower. 

This is the view over the town looking towards the flatter lands of the next few days. I only have another fourteen evenings of French dinners and then it’s into Spain. I shall miss France. 

Here is a picture of a notice in tonight’s Gite. My favourite is No 2

I am having a rest day tomorrow to soak up the culture.