September 3

Condom to Eauze   33km

Today there are all sorts of numbers to report on. I have just passed the “1,000km left to walk” mark to Santiago. That is a big milestone for me and it feels like a big marker. So far I have walked 2,750km according to my tracker. It does tend to underestimate distances… 

It will take me another 50 days to reach Santiago where I plan to arrive at 11am on 23rd October. Today I am 3 days short of being on the road for five whole months and I am only four days behind my original schedule which I find amazing. Probably most important of all but least interesting is that  at the end of August I was on budget for the trip so far (but only just!)
All in all that is an impressive set of numbers. Well I am impressed. It really doesn’t seem like five months on the road. It seems like only yesterday that I left Shrewsbury. There are so many wonderful moments and sights that I have already forgotten!! Every day has been magic. 

Today was no different. A long day’s walk on fairly flat terrain. With this type of route there are not the extensive views. However despite the grey morning I spotted a range of mountains in the distance:Can you see that faint line?  That’s Spain over there. 

I started walking at 7 am this morning, just after dawn. But the bakery was open at this time of course. 

I have not worked out why there are statues to the four musketeers in front of the church. (Bottom right)
Crossing the River Blaise. 

It was walk, walk, walk. As I have written before the secret of walking longer distances is not to stop. It took me three and a half hours to reach Montreal. Yes really! I had one rest in the church and another in the cafe with an expresso. The town, like so many, was prettty:

The route today was a mixture of empty roads and tracks

 Many years ago a bridge was built across a river for the pilgrims. UNESCO rebuilt this bridge declaring it to be a world heritage site:Pont d’ Artigues – if you want to look it up. 

It is very clean now and I saw no evidence of highwaymen or footpads that the pilgrims of 900 years ago had to contend with. 

The church in this little town is just another stunning building. 

I am in Armagnac country. You can buy a bottle of the 1888 vintage for €4,549.00 if they have still got any left……..,