September 5

Nogaro to Aire Sur l’Adour   27km

The title sums it up the day. I am crossing the flatlands towards the frontier and towards a new country, a new language, new customs, new food. I had not realised I had become so comfortable living here in France. It is a lovely place. I know how it works now. I will return for I love the place. 

I just found this make your own fresh orange juice machine in the little shop:You choose what size bottle you want and switch on the machine. That’s what I call fresh. 

The day started misty. I had made a 7.15am start to my walking because the forecast was for 28° later in the day. 

It was more of the same today

The grapes are looking good 

They are tasting good too! There is a sense of seasons changing

But I was astounded to see:Is it really that time of the year when migrating birds start to gather together. It must be later than I think. 

I wonder how long it took to build these?

I have passed very many lavoirs in my travels. These are communal washing places. This was the first one I have seen that had a fireplaceThere are two, one on each side. 

Some of the churches look a bit odd from the exterior

Not like ‘normal’ churches(there was a flask of coffee on a table outside this one)

One of the great lessons of this walk is to learn that there is really no such thing as ‘normal’. My accomodation tonight in this Gite is in an old church. This is the table for dinner(stations of the cross on the walls)

This looking the other directionStained glass and an altar. 

The bedroom is in a side chapel

This really is the oddest place I have stayed so far. It would make a brilliant place for a party!

There were only four of us round the table for dinner with some jazz playing on the CD player. Quite surreal.