September 6

Aire Sur Ardour to Arzacq   33km

My Norwegian weather site, YR, failed this morning. It forecast a dry day and it wasn’t. At one stage I even put on my waterproof trousers but it all turned out, as every story should, with a happy ending when the sun came out and I put up my umbrella again – not to dry it but for shelter from the strong sun in the 25° afternoon. 
The morning was flat walking for a good few hours. Flat walking on dead straight tracks. Fortunately I had the distraction of some podcasts to reduce the insanity of it all. 

Early morning sign. 

In one little village there was this board overlooking a view of clouds and mist. 

On a good day you can see the mountains!! Well maybe tomorrow I will see them? I realised I must be getting near some hills when I passed this gate:
Another sign of autumn are the nuts on the roadside

 These are a kind of chestnut

After the flatlands the scenery changed to green and undulating

That was much better and the path wandered down some tree-lined tracks. 

There is nothing odd about my Gite tonight. Or at least that I have discovered so far! Time will tell.