September 9

Navarrenx to Aroue 18km

An easy day today. I didn’t start till 9am and finished walking at 2.30pm after a long lunch in a church porch. I felt I was cheating somehow and not putting in a proper day’s work!

It was a wet morning as I crossed the bridge away from the town. Back in 1181 pilgrims had to ford this river. It wasn’t till 1182 that a bridge was built. The ramparts of the fortified town are on the far side of the river. 

Again the route was along roads and tracks. For once that was a good idea to avoid the muddy tracks

There was a certain amount of puddle hopping. It can be a fun sport!

I didn’t avoid the rain completely 

The weather is not always perfect on the trail! But spirits are always high and we are having fun despite the weather. 

It didn’t last. My weather forecast said it was going to rain after 2pm. Fortunately for me it was late arriving so I got to the Gite dry. The sky cleared a bit and the sun shone. 

Sky above the maize crop: 

The countryside round here looks just like the Welsh borderlands near home. 

This afternoon we came across this milepost. The numbers are reducing now. There are only 40km left in France.