September 10

Aroue to Ostablat 25km

It was a damp day today. My weather forecast was for very little rain but they must have mixed up my place with someone else for it did stop raining on numerous occasions but never for more than 20 minutes! 

You can see how wet the road is by the reflections. 
The path was mainly roads and tracks which was good. But there was the odd section of wet path

I am in the foothills of the Pyrenees now. The country looks so much like Wales with rolling hills, green fields, clouds and rain. There are not many sheep though. 

OK the sun did come out a few times…..

The Basque language is very strange to my eyes:

Quiz question:

What is this wall? (Answer at the end of the post)

Clouds coming back. It’s going to rain soon. 

As I approach Spain I seem to be coming across more English speakers. Today I was walking with a young Swiss boy from Basel. He speaks good English ( as well as good German and French). There is an American from Florida, two Swiss from Brig, a Norwegian from Tromso and two Dutch who have walked all the way from Amsterdam in stages over the years. The common language of all these is English. 

I haven’t been doing very well learning Spanish as I walk along. I keep chatting with folks!

Quiz answer:

A pelota court