September 14

Roncesvalles to Zubiri     22km

Now that I am in a different country I am on a new mapping system. The one I am using now gives the profiles of the route so here is today’s route for those who are interested. The app is one of Guthook’s guides.  That it has been produced for this route indicates how many Americans come here. His other guides cover trails in the USA. The numbers on the bottom are the km from St Jean. I am walking from left to right. Santiago is 780km from St Jean. 

Today was windy and cold with drizzle. There were a few people getting up at 5am. The lights were switched on at 6am. Breakfast was at 7am. It wasn’t light outside till 7.30am. What’s the rush?

At 7.30:

The walk was mainly through woods which was good because it was shelter from the wind and rain but there were no views. 

The early morning line of walkers:

In places the path has been surfaced to avoid erosion:

Not surfaced here:

There are occasional little bars:

I loved these stepping stones

Imaginative reworking of a road sign

This is the first “trolley” I have come acrossYou can carry so much more in one of these. And so much more awkwardly!

Views over trees:There are a lot of trees round here. 

Last night there was a wonderful bottle of red wine served with the dinner. (Not for each person – for four.) It was very well organised. Tonight the three course meal with wine is €13. I’m hoping for some more good wine. 

I was sleeping at the far end of the corridor from the toilets last night. I got up in the middle of the night and walked past nine sleeping areas, each with four people. The variety of the snoring was so wonderful. I am glad I sleep so well and can shut out these distractions.