September 17

Rest day 2 in Pamplona

I have taken this opportunity of being in one place to wash everything. I have even washed my rucksack which after so many days has become very grubby. And then I sprayed it with something that claims to deter bedbugs. I also treated my sheet sleeping bag with the same product so I am well protected now. Perhaps I should treat my sleeping clothes as well. 

I went to the midday service in the Cathedral and listened to the wonderful organ. It was billed as a ‘traditional’ service so lots of it was in Latin. It was Latin spoken with a Spanish accent so it was just as difficult to follow. It wasn’t like English Latin at all!

It was a warmer day today and the big square was much more welcoming after yesterday’s bitter wind. 

There were more people walking in the cafe area:

I went to the cash point and was faced with an extensive choice of languages:I had not realised there were so many in Spain. 

By this time it was lunchtime (2pm) so I had  a Spanish lunch three course lunch:

What do you do after a Spanish lunch?  Have a siesta……….

There was more planning to be done, emails to send, phone calls to make. 

There are two types of pilgrims. There are those that want to be free. This type decides to stop walking when they feel like it and then they look for somewhere to sleep, calling at Albergues until they find one with space. There is generally a good choice of accomodation in every village. 
The other type of pilgrim books ahead having decided where to stay beforehand. If you are not carrying all your luggage on your back, and there are lots of these, then you have to know where to send your luggage so you are one of this type. 

I find myself included in this latter group. I like to know how far I have to walk each day so I can organise. A 20km day is very different to a 30km day.  On these longer days I try not to stop very often and just keep going. Lunch breaks are also much shorter. I have a good selection of the remaining Albergues now booked. I have made a plan. 

I bet I end up changing it!