September 18

Pamplona to Puente la Reina. 23km

The day started off wet. 

The route out of Pamplona was very well marked with the scallop shell symbols along the pavement. 

Eventually we walked away from the houses and the noisy traffic but the track underfoot had plenty of wet, sticky clay
It was up and up through a couple of deserted villages

To the most famous silhouette on all of the Camino 

It is wonderful. 
The view down the other side:The countryside is a study in brown:

On the walk into town I spotted this disused chimney

In close up you can see that there is a nest on the topa big nest!

Despite my days of rest I wasn’t feeling very energetic today. Maybe tomorrow I will get back my momentum. Maybe rest days are a bad idea? That’s a difficult concept. 

I visited a few churches today. They are very different to the French ones. They have hugely ornate and detailed screens behind the altar