September 21

Los Arcos to Logronos 28km

Another great morning

It was a longer day today but even on short days it is worth getting up to see these dawns. Now the the autumn is here you don’t have to be up that early. Life has started in the village for the locals when I walk through the streets. It’s after seven o’clock and people are on their way to work. 

The countryside is big and open:

With villages squashed into a small space

I stopped late morning for a coffee and tortillaJust right. 

Along the way I have seen numbers of tiny white snails:They don’t seem to be moving at all 

Walking along the path I came across this notice. You can tell we are in dry country. No one in England would write a notice on cardboard!

What’s ahead?I love the black one. 

I’m heading to the flatter lands for a short while. 

Last night I walked round some wonderful cloisters

Tonight I visited the Cathedral here in Logrono and for a couple of minutes the lights were switched on. Usually the churches are dark and gloomy and you only get a hint of the magnificence. For once I could see the detail

Every country has its own eating habits. But chocolate and All Bran?