September 25

Belorado to Ages     27km

The first alarm clock rang in my dormitory at 5.20am. Just to give you an idea I set off walking at 7.10am and this picture was taken  fifteen minutes later

So dawn arrives even later. This was taken at 8.09am

And this nine minutes later

It is really nice to see the dawn but surely you don’t have to get up at 5.20am?

The path started out with browns

Amazingly it went through a lovely oak forest

Then changed to both brown and green

The walk along this firebreak seemed to go for ages but eventually we got back to a more attractive forest

Suddenly the trees disappeared to this view of endless distance. We are 1,000m high here. 

Then it was a short hop down to the village called Ages and the end point to the day. 

Along the way I had passed the monastery at San Juan de Ortega

Where there was this most unusual road sign:

This is the local church with a storks nest:

I have another bottom bunk bed tonight. I think people look at me and think they better give this old bloke a bottom bunk. I’m not complaining. So far I have only had one top bunk whilst in Spain.  Not only are bottom bunk beds easier to get out of in the middle of the night but you can stash all your stuff under them. I try and avoid putting anything in cupboards because you can easily overlook things and leave them behind. Much simpler to have everything on the floor so that a quick glance under the bed checks nothing has been left behind.