September 26

Ages to Burgos    22 km

Today’s walk was into the big city of Burgos – population 170,000. 

The morning was cold. It was woolly hat time most definitely. There was a hill to climb and on the top was a Pilgrims Cross. This picture also includes some pilgrims with the cross:

On th top of the hill the was also a large arrow pointing out the way:

The view down the other side was towards Burgos:

Here is a wider angle picture of the same view:the thing to note in this picture is how flat the horizon looks. That’s because it is. The next section is going to be a mental challenge. The city of Burgos is 900m high and it is freezing in the winter and blistering hot in the summer – I’m glad I am here in the autumn. 

It was a long walk into the town. 
The route to the city lay along the airfield perimeter 

And then most surprisingly through a lovely park for an hour or more

I had been expecting miles of boring suburbs, but no. The park lead right into the heart of the town. 

Burgos has a wonderful Cathedral:

There are busy open squares:

I have discovered that Spanish food can be almost like English food:

It’s just that in England you don’t normally get a good glass of red wine with this!

I have been walking for nine days without a stop. So I am having a rest day here in Burgos tomorrow. I feel I need one. My cold is slowly disappearing, my legs are working fine. Lazy days are very good for me and do me a world of good!!