September 28


I have decided to take the train from Burgos and visit Madrid for a couple of days. Then I will return to Burgos and continue walking. 

I have never visited this city – it is, of course, home to the Museo del Prado. According to Wikipedia “it is considered one of the greatest art museums in the world”. 

It is an opportunity not to be missed!

The train was clean and swift as was the Metro. The Metro did not have any adverts. Not any on the platforms nor any in the carriages. It did seem very odd. What are you supposed to look at?

There is a huge square in the centre and cleverly someone had the idea of laying artificial grass so people can sit and lay on it. Brilliant. 

I was impressed by the ingenuity of opening a booth in the entrance to a church and selling not the state lottery tickets but some Christmas lottery tickets. It was doing a roaring trade
Night time and Street musicians 

A very odd statueI don’t think this couple were talking to it…….

A couple of days ago I was staying in a very friendly Albergue in a tiny village. There was a storks nest on the church roof, the drying line for washing was out in the street. The food was excellent as was the company. 

The last job in the morning routine is to retrieve your shoes from the rack, tighten the laces and set off into the still dark morning. Trouble was my shoes were not there. We looked all over and couldn’t find them. These were the new ones I had bought two days ago. They were clean and very comfortable. 

In the end I shrugged my shoulders and put on my sandals and walked to Burgos in proper pilgrim footwear!

I rang up the Albergue this afternoon to see if they had found them. They hadn’t. But what they had been left with when everyone had left was a pair of worn out, broken shoes that just happened to be the same size as mine. 

It wasn’t the kind of thing I expected to happen on the Camino. But as I keep on saying – every day brings new surprises on this journey!

I bought another pair of shoes in Burgos. Walking in sandals was easier than I had expected but my feet were very cold for the first morning hour.