October 1

Train from Madrid back to Burgos 

Nothing very exciting to report today as I took the train back to Burgos. I can’t possibly leave you with nothing to read (!) so I thought I would catch up on a promise I made. 

Several weeks ago I mentioned the 100 Years War in one of my posts and mentioned the cause of it. Well here is the explanation of it according to Wikipedia. History repeating itself perhaps?

100 Years War

(There are two names given to the same area of France – Guyenne and Aquitaine. They mean the same thing.)
The area is in the South West part of France. This is the area called Aquitaine today. In those far off days it was bigger. 

Aquitaine became an English possession in 1154 by marriage. The 100 Years War was from 1337 to 1453

The following is from Wikipedia:

The dispute over Guyenne (as it was called then) is even more important than the dynastic question in explaining the outbreak of the war. Guyenne posed a significant problem to the kings of France and England: Edward III was a vassal of Philip VI of France because of his French possessions and was required to recognize the suzerainty of the King of France over them. 

In practical terms, a judgment in Guyenne might be subject to an appeal to the French royal court. The King of France had the power to revoke all legal decisions made by the King of England in Aquitaine, which was unacceptable to the English. Therefore, sovereignty over Guyenne was a latent conflict between the two monarchies for several generations. 

Does this argument over which Court of Justice has the last say sound a familiar one???????????……