October 2

Burgos to Hontanos.   31km

I decided to have breakfast in the hotel. I like starting out with a full stomach but it did mean I didn’t start walking until 7.30 which is late enough for a long day. 

It was so nice to be out walking again after a break of five days. It is such a simple and uncluttered way to spend your days. It was like embracing a good friend after a long absence. 

It did take a good hour to get out of the city houses. The markers for the way here in Spain are yellow arrows. The do look as if they are a bit of graffiti and seem to have been just painted in a hurry. This one on a manhole cover

This one on a brick wall

This one on a lamppost

Real graffiti is much neater

I loved this text written under a road bridge. 

(Compeed is the brand name of the leading blister plasters.)

I wondered if this mural in Burgos was painted after the trees were planted or were the trees planted after the mural?

At last the path left the main roads and after passing through a little village

It slowly climbed up onto the plateau of the meseta. This is what I have been looking forward to walking through. No mechanical noise. Just the wind in the occasional tree or bush and just the occasional birdsong. And the crunch of my footsteps on the gravel. Here are a few photos:

At lunchtime the track obligingly descended to a little village and a coffee and huge slice of apple cake.

Then it was up again on the plateau for another couple of hours. 

The fields here are mainly wheat but I came across this unharvested crop of sunflowers. 

You can tell that the yields are not so good here on this dry soil. The crop is stunted and very thin. 
There are more younger people walking the Camino now. This means that I now get overtaken by eager young men who are generally focussed on something in the distance that they are striving to reach. Often they have wires in their ears. I don’t try and match their pace. 
I met the first pilgrim today that had the same plan as myself. A lady from Quebec said she had a couple of rest days in Pamplona and Burgos and was planning on two in Leon. That’s exactly the same as me. How refreshing to find someone who isn’t fastened to an unrelenting schedule. 
Tomorrow more of the flat fields and the weather forecast is good. Another day of shirtsleeves and sunlight. 
I did not have an internet connection last night hence the delay in posting this. 
I spotted these dolphins in Burgos yesterday swimming up the river………