October 3

Hontanos to Boadilla del Camino   28km

It was a perfect morning. There was no cloud in the sky and the air was calm and still. As ever I was woken by the early risers in the dormitory a little bit before I would have liked. Still, it doesn’t matter really for after all I am on holiday. It’s not like I have to go to work! Some people may call seven hours of walking hard work. I call it a joy. It is October and the sun was so strong I used my umbrella today. I had thought the hot days had finished. Not so, and tomorrow is forecast for higher temperatures. One day not too soon either I will be wearing warm coats and even vests perhaps? But for now:

At the start of the day I passed this:

I wonder what a Leguas is!

The guidebook said the route went right through some ruins. Literally!

Early morning shadows on the road:

Church in the morning light

There were two villages today. I stopped in each for a rest and something to eat. Stopping in cafes here is the only way to get some proper shade. 

The day was spent in the country walking through fields. No main roads today at all. It was lovely. 

First it was up onto the plateau

And then gorgeous walking amongst the browns. 

There was a river to cross

A very dessicated crop of Corn

In the villages there is sometimes a barrier fastened in front of the door covering the bottom part. I cannot work out what is their purpose. 

The Meseta is about 800m high here. It must be a bitter place in the winter. It is not completely flat. There are slopes to negotiate which give amazing vantage points. This is my favourite photo with the road below populated with pilgrims:

The wider angle:

More track 

I have got any number of these types of photos! Months back it was pictures of forests. Just one more:This photo shows really well how the passage of feet have worn two flatter, smoother tracks in the gravel. Of course everyone walks in these tracks which makes them even more smooth. 

Tomorrow I hope, more of the same.