October 6

Carrion des Los Condes to Ledigos 24km

I’m not sure but I think it was the Koreans who were the first to rise this morning at 4.45am. I lay in bed pretending that I was asleep for a while but I didn’t fool myself. 

As the forecast was for a hot day (30° by late afternoon) I thought I might as well start early so was walking by 6.30am. 

I hadn’t realised that it was a full moon. 

As happens at full moon, as the moon sank in the West the sun rose in the East. 

I was glad I had left early to witness the wonderful spectacle. 

Once away from the town the track followed the Roman Road Via Aquitana which was used to transport gold from the mines in Astorga. This road is dead straight with hardly any shade for 12km. Another reason for not walking here in the heat of the day. 

Half way along was a glorious cafe for coffee, fresh orange juice and a sort of chocolate croissant. 

Then it was back onto the road. Look there’s a little hill ahead to relieve the boredom!

Alongside the track was a waymarker. It’s not really needed hereNow why would someone leave one shoe here in the middle of nowhere??

All good things come to an end (!) and the Roman Road ended in a village – and another cafe, another coffee. 

There are not many flowers in window boxes in small Spanish villages but here were some. The heat of the summer must make watering them an onerous daily task. 

The track now lay alongside a quiet road for 6km. I noticed on my map that there was an alternative path away from the road. By now the umbrella was up in the sun. I took the alternative and had the countryside all to myself. What a wonderful treat to be alone on these vast slopes. I realised I had been missing country walking. Up the hill:Then along the top. Not a soul in sight. 

The fields round here are very, very stony. The farm implements must wear quickly.

Eventually the village appeared in the distance. It was only just after midday, I had avoided the big heat of the day.  Time for a beer and Paella

Then a siesta

It does seem a bit odd to walk in the dark and sleep in the light!!

I had an evening walk up to the church on the hill – closed. 

The houses here are made with mud. I guess this is the local building material:

You can see the straw mixed with the mud