October 7

Ledigos to Sahagun     16km

Today was a short day’s walk. More of a saunter in the wonderful morning. The moon was a bit later setting today:

The dawn was as glorious as ever:

Pilgrim shadow

At the village of Moratinos I had what I call a Camino Surprise. Tree hugs:

In the square all the trees had been decorated with garments- to keep them warm perhaps?

Shorty after I stopped for a welcome coffee where there was an old typewriter:

I hope you can see. The sequence of keys is completely different to that used in the UK. 

Along the track are signs. This one has fallen down:

The signs warn that the hunting is private. I’m not sure quite what anyone is going to hunt on these barren fields!
I came across another of these poor sunflower crops and I suddenly realised that the soil was bare. In England there would be weeds. Here it is too dry, the weeds cannot survive. 

I found another of those quiet variants and had the countryside to myself again. 

I just love the colours

Self portrait:

As my destination came into view I came across another pilgrim 

On the approach to the town I walked through two pillars:I didn’t think they were very special so I didn’t take a picture. This one is borrowed off the internet. Later a Frenchman who lives in South Korea told me they mark the official half way point of the Camino. According to my calculations, though, I am 92% of the way through my adventure to Santiago! Don’t you just love statistics?

I got a certificate today to say I had walked through the geographical centre of the Camino Frances. It has my name at the top!!

If you don’t read Spanish too well, here is a translation