October 8

Sahagun to Reliegos    32km

I was walking at 6.30 in the clear morning air and wrapped up against the cold. My gloves were not warm enough. It was 5°. Somehow it doesn’t matter that I am cold because I know that later in the day I will sweating in shorts and t-shirt. 

I walked for three hours and then came across the only open cafe I saw all day. Breakfast was delicious. 

The route I took was a slightly longer variant. I wanted to avoid walking alongside the road. It was a lovely remote route and there were not many other pilgrims on it. 

Can you make out in the distance….  Hills!I will be there in a few days time. As much as I love the Meseta I love hills more. 

On these fields there is a lot of irrigation. These wheeled structures pivot around an end point (the right hand end in this pic) and so irrigate a circle. I haven’t yet worked out what provides the power for them to rotate. 

I crossed a new irrigation canalI bet that would be boring to kayak! Or swim?  It was quite deep. 

But mainly it was this:

And this:

With big views;

And a little bit of this:

Along the track the soil was being worked. look at the dust:

Eventually my destination appeared. On the edge of the village were some houses built into the earth.

Hobbits maybe????

My guidebook likened the walk along the wide gravel track surrounded by a parched landscape to Africa. I’m glad I did not come across any lions. I did see a solitary deer running away from me across the stubble. 

My legs have been stiff and unwieldy for the last few days and I had been wondering if it was a symptom of over use. Today with its long walk they were back on form and I had a bounce in my toes and a spring in my stride. I am happy because I had been fearing that the last few days of walking to Santiago (13) might turn out to be a struggle rather than a celebration.