October 8

Reliegos to Leon    25km

I was the first one up in my dormitory this morning. It has never happened before! The other three were fast asleep so I took my stuff into the toilets to pack my bag to try and be quieter. I was walking at 7.30am. It was really bitter at about 5° and my gloves were not warm enough so I had to slouch along with my hands in my pockets. I was out in time to watch another wonderful dawn. 

Today’s route was into the centre of the big city of Leon so there was a lot of walking alongside roads:

The local government do try and provide footpaths and keep pilgrims off the road. I spotted this signwhich says they built a footbridge over the river at an estimated cost of €334,741.64. I did wonder where the 64 cents came in but accounts are very precise people. The new footbridge bridge was very nicethat is the existing road bridge in the distance. 

I puzzled also over these road signsSkiing? Well there are some hills not far away I suppose. 

The track went over a hill! 

Over the hill were the industrial units

And the opportunity for a self portrait!

Leon looks a nice city

I went to the Cathedral. It is Sunday afternoon. It was closed! I couldn’t believe it. 

I am staying in Leon for two days of rest, culture and for planning the next twelve days – the sprint to Santiago I have called it but I hardly think I will be running. 

The good news is that there are two big hills to climb along the way.