October 10

Rest day in Leon 2

I sampled a bit more culture today. The old monastery of San Marcos was built as a hospital for pilgrims originally. Then rebuilt like this, the monks left, converted to an army store, converted to a stud farm for years, became a notorious prison during the civil war and now a state run luxurious hotel. The church remains a church on the right hand side. See all the shells above the the arched entrance? Inside was lovely 

With a two level cloister:

It’s the only carpeted one I have encountered:

Here is another church:

One of the main squares:What a great public space. 

Here is a detail of the Cathedral showing how they managed to make the interior so delicate. They put the strengthening structures on the outside;

And these?

They are recycling containers. A bit odd I thought. 

I bought a pair of warm gloves at a fishing shop so the cold early mornings will not now have such an effect on my hands. I won’t have to slouch with my hands in my pockets. I’ve done all my clothes washing so I am up to date. 

Looking through my photos I found a video I had never put on the blog. It was taken on May 23 in North East France. It’s not as flat as the Meseta but oh what a different colour. The dryness of the Meseta definitely adds a serious quality. The Meseta is a lot more extensive. 

I must have been impressed by the flatness of the countryside at the time. It is definitely a very different country. 

I am back on the road early tomorrow before dawn. I feel very well rested.