October 11

Leon to Villar de Mazarife   21km

It was a longish walk out of the town this morning. After a couple of days rest my legs were bright and energetic. I engaged my ‘pilgrim pace’ to try and put the dark streets behind me. Everyone else was making their way into town at the start of a new day, students were waiting for buses, cars were driving towards me. 

At last the sky lightened and the city was left behind. I took a variant of the route after a cup of coffee in a wayside cafe away from the main road accompanied by a Finnish women I had met in the cafe. I had to concentrate to keep up with her! Deep in conversation the kilometres passed unnoticed. I reached the Albergue by midday. Fortunately it was open. 

The land is still flat here

A wayside rest area

And more road

Arriving at the Albergue early enabled an early lunchI have only just discovered this beer with lemon – 2% alcohol. It seemed an odd mixture to me until I tasted it and then realised it is a delicious Shandy!  I’m going to have more of that. 

This is a little village I am staying in

House on the Meseta:

There is a wonderful little church lovingly cared for. Outside is this happy looking Pilgrim

The dormitory is empty tonight. Only 5 people sleeping it. Great. 

Longer day tomorrow. The last on the Meseta.