October 13

Astorga to Foncebadon.  26km

It was another walk out in the dark. Along a road for an hour or more. Just the thing for walking in the dark. It makes a walk along the road much more interesting when you cannot see anything. Does that sound stupid? Walking along roads is BORING. If you can’t see around you the imagination will fill in the details. And then there is always the stars. You can see them. 

Eventually the daylight replaces the dark and the path stretches out in front for ever. 

There are interesting things to see along the way. This decorative step into a house with scallop shells

A great vegetable patch

An inviting cafe

What in France would be called a lavoir: It is a pity there is no water in it. 

The local entrepreneurs put these stickers on the back of roadsigns to tempt the weary pilgrims:Although I am not sure what the story is behind the kayaking sticker – from New York?

This is a common design for a pilgrim shelter:A good combination of sunshade, rainshade and windshade. 

Eventually after Rabinal and the third closed church of the day (one of them was a few feet from a monastery!) the path goes up and the terrain changes. 

This looking back. On the left there are fields and on the right scrub and in the distance is the Meseta. 

Even a real path through brackenHow good is that!

It was a hot afternoon- time for the sunshade in the middle of October 

In wire fences folk weave wooden crosses. It’s really difficult to take a good picture of these 

That is the little village in the distance where I am stopping. We are at 1,400m here. I think it might be chilly in the morning up here. 

Dinner was another multinational group of a Canadian, a Portuguese, two French and two Italians. I was the only male. We had vegetarian Paella. Delicious. For a good number of people you need a big pan: