October 14

Foncebadon to Ponferrada   28km

I didn’t want to leave too early today because I wanted to be at the top around dawn. La Cruz de Ferro is a big landmark on the Camino. It is a cross of iron on a very large pile of stones. It is tradition to leave a stone here that has been carried from home. The process of laying a stone symbolises releasing a burden and freeing the pilgrim. 

I reached there just as the sky was getting lighter:

It was another lovely dawn so I sat for a while watching the colours on the horizon:

I had always assumed that this cross was on a peak. Not so. It is at the top of a pass and the road is only a few feet away:With a big car park opposite!

It was good to be in the hills in the early morning. 

The path snaked through the hills

To a view over the valley with my destination in the distance:

It was a great downhill walk. 

Not all of it along the road

I even spotted two horses. They don’t have very much to graze on 

There were a couple of little villages to walk through 

The path normally goes right through the centre of any village or town. I think it’s good for business. 

The town at the bottom of the hill, Molinesca, had an old bridge 

And some more pollarded trees

On the way out of the town there were some trees shaped differently:

Very odd!

The last part of the day was along the main road. It wasn’t the nicest of walks!I suppose pilgrims have to suffer sometimes. 

I was chatting to an Australian yesterday and as a result of what she said I stumbled across this: