October 22

Salceda to Santiago 30km

The morning dark welcomed me for a last time before Santiago. It had been a clear night and Orion’s Belt was bright. It was cold and sharp with mist in the fields. I was so glad of my new gloves. 

It was a charming path through mixed woodland and a few fields 

and of course there were stretch along main roads. 

I left the Albergue without having breakfast   I had spotted a town after two hours. Just the right time for a rest and breakfast. Trouble was I could only find coffee. No fresh orange juice which I have grown to love and no toast. So a cup of coffee sustained me for another three quarters of an hour until I found more substantial sustenance. 

This is not what you want to see when looking for breakfast. A closed cafe:

I like walking under motorways because you get the chance to read some interesting graffiti 

I wondered what script this is:

And I identified with this sentiment:

The city drew nearer and I encountered a few more pilgrims 

I reached the hill overlooking Santiago where there is s huge sculpture 

From this point you are supposed to be able to see the Cathedral in the distance. I reckon you need a telescope. I couldn’t make it out. 

I noticed that even the manhole covers here have a scallop shell on them;
The way into Santiago was diverted. They had closed a footpath for some reason. It was at least 1.5km of extra walking. For a moment I was annoyed as some of the route lay along main roads and my legs were tired. I burst out laughing and explained to Jan, a German pilgrim I was walking with, “After all the kilometres I have walked, what does it matter if I have to walk a few more?”

Walking into the city on the diversion:

Nearly there:

Welcoming in the square 


I am spending two days in Santiago and then I am going to spend four days walking to the sea. There will be more blogs. It’s not finished yet. 

Location 42.8818, -8.5435