October 25

Santiago to Negreira 22km

With sadness I said goodbye to Susan and Diane after a great couple of days and walked out of Santiago towards the sea. 

Dawn was breaking as I left the houses – the cathedral is on the skyline with all its scaffolding:

It was a delightful walk on a perfect sunny day through mixed forests 

And through the occasional village. I only passed two open cafes all day until I got to my destination town. I only came across 5 pilgrims. It was a lovely quiet walk. This little chap was wanting company. Life can be hard if you are not very tall!

I turned a corner in a village and came to this wonderful tree:

Does anyone know what it is?

I know what these are:

Lovely autumnal colours. 

There are a lot of forests here:Trees into the far distance. 

An old bridge over the river:


The standard direction signs for the route are yellow arrows. I’ve not seen one like this before. An arrow with legs???Or is it a sign for something else perhaps?

I must admit I didn’t feel very energised today after a couple of days rest in a real bed. Surely it cannot have been anything to do with these? (I had more than one)

The most luxurious moment was using the large bath towels. I used to take these for granted! No more. 

Location 42.9096, -8.7362