October 29

I left Muxia today and travelled back to the tourist town of Santiago. My legs were grateful for the rest!

This is Muxia this morning;

This is Santiago at midday:

I found this great sign on Muxia that draws all the pilgrim routes to Santiago:Each of the coloured lines is a pilgrimage route! There is lots to go at. 

I thought I would make a list of the top 10 moments of my adventure which I will  share. As you see I am not good at counting. They are in the order I remembered them and not in any order of importance. 

  • French food. It is almost always fantastic. And the cheeses….
  • Wild camping on a ridge in the Jura mountains where we got the sunset on one side and the dawn and a view of Mont Blanc on the other and a sparkling starry night sky in between and overhead. 
  • Easter Sunday service in Worcester cathedral. 
  • Communal dinners in hostels in France and Spain. Unexpected food combined with unexpected companions and unexpected conversation in unexpected languages. A lovely mixture. 
  • Cathedrals. There were so many in three countries and all full of majesty. One memory…. I walked into Langres Cathedral and just caught the end of Widors organ toccata being played live. If you don’t know it here is a version. My friend Gerald said this is music to be played at full volume every Sunday morning. 
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKejfYzB3ak&sns=em
  • The Chagall windows in Rheims cathedral. It is worth travelling far to see these. 
  • Nuns singing Matins in Moissac. There were only two of us in the congregation. It was sublime. (Oh, and the cloisters there)
  • Le Puy to Conques. An eight day section on the pilgrimage route in France. It has wonderful countryside and gorgeous villages. 
  • Seeing wild boars walking towards me on a forest road. 
  • World War Graveyards in North East France. French ones, German ones and Commonwealth ones. So many graveyards, so many headstones. So many battles from two wars. 
  • Camping on the site of an Iron Age fort on day 3 in Shropshire. A cold clear and calm night. My adventure had started. I was excited. 
  • Incessant sunny days. I wore shorts every day for weeks and weeks and weeks. I still wanted more. 
  • Dawns in the open countryside. The colours in the sky are really beautiful. 
  • The Meseta. Walking for days across the flat and dry plateau in Northern Spain. I love it. 
  • Prado art museum in Madrid. An absolutely stunning collection of pictures. 

This is a sort of PS. 

I found this clip that was posted onto YouTube only eight days after I was in that very Cathedral and listening to the same Benidictine Monk play the same music. Magic. 

More music