November 1

Thankyou all my followers. Knowing that you were there reading my scribbling and looking at the pictures helped me enormously to keep on going with the blog posts. A BIG thank you for being there. Here are a few numbers:

  • 4,000 kilometres walked 
  • 201 days
  • 60,000 metres ascended
  • 4 pairs of shoes worn out

I will write another post in a few days with my thoughts and conclusions. I will write when I have had more time to reflect and I have a proper keyboard. 

I was never bitten or really threatened by a dog. Despite all these notices. 

Beware of dog. 
Nervous dog. 

Wicked dog!
I am on guard for my master – enter of your own risk. 

I Walked past this splendid French beast:with this notice:Beware nice dog!!

Sometimes, rather worryingly, dogs are not chained up or contained behind a fence……