11 December

Firstly a correction. Yesterday I wrote about a Batch and it has been pointed out several times (!) that I have misspelled this New Zealand word. It should be spelled ‘Bach’. I am, of course, referring to a NZ holiday Home.

Today was another walk in the enchanted forests and the sound of the Tui.

We indulged ourselves in a bit of stump spotting.

A lot of the trees in this forest have black trunks with white filaments

This is the reason

I hope you can read this.

The ferns are still growing in the forest:

And there are flowers on the bushes

Later in the afternoon I took out the kayak and went for a paddle on the lake

It was so good to be out on the water after such a long break. I was pleased that it didn’t take long to settle into that familiar paddling rhythm.

After dinner we took a drive up the other side of the lake to see the view in the late evening sun.

I don’t think I was bitten by sandflies once today. Yesterday’s outing resulted in a few lumps on my legs today so I applied insect repellent liberally. Sandflies are nasty little creatures……………