12 December

We packed the bikes on the back of the car and drove over the hill.

We travelled north to Golden Bay. It was a five hour drive. The journey there involves crossing an 800m pass from sea level and descending the other side. It is definitely a ‘proper’ hill. I was glad I wasn’t cycling over this hill.

We stopped along the way for a coffee and behold. They sold proper crisps!

It was a hot leisurely journey. Later we stopped for ice creams.

Once over the hill we entered another magical New Zealand place. The Bach we have hired seems to be in paradise. This is the living area

Turn round and you have this view at high tide

From the end of the garden to the left

And to the right

here is me in the ‘office’

We sat on the bench and watched the gannets feeding

And we shared our crisps with the cheeky seagull

I think I could stay here for a year…… x