23 hours travelling from a wet, wintry street in Hove to the blue-sky heat of Montevideo was tiring. Goodness I slept well after a typical Uruguayan dinner of steak. (Apologies to you vegetarians).

There are a lot of buses in Montevideo. The public transport system is very, very comprehensive. They are frequent, cheap and old. The 45 minute journey from the airport cost £1.50! There are curtains on the windows to keep the interior cooler.

The old town of Montevideo is crumbling in places and full of character.

But it is a modern place. There is free WiFi in all the public squares and the police patrol on these….

Even though there is 98.5% literacy in Uruguay I wondered how many people could type this website without making a mistake!

the temperature yesterday was a magic 27°C. Just right for a swim

And a bicycle ride along the busy waterfront

The boat is in the harbour in Punta Del Este which is 100km to the east. The comfortable coach ride only £7.50. Thursday’s adventure is to try and catch the right bus.

And then……..