We are off into the ocean early Sunday morning and starting a 12 day passage to San Salvador in Brazil.

Here in Punta del Este in Uruguay the busy summer season is over.  The cafe’s are empty and the choice of cakes is glorious.  This town is very fashionable with plenty of sleek yachts

Sea Lions lay in the sunshine

Here is a picture of me with the long, long surfing beach on the Atlantic Coast.

Yesterday we manoeuvred the boat to fill up with fuel for the engine. 700litres in the port tank and 950 litres in the starboard. It takes a long time.

The boat moors with the stern near the jetty and then there is a ‘gangplank’ to walk off the boat. The boat is always moving so sometimes the gap gets fairly large!

In Uruguay drinking mate tea is very popular. The leaves are put in a bowl and hot water poured into the cup from a vacuum flask. The infusion is drunk with a metal straw. People drink this everywhere. Even on the beach!

The weather here was a lovely 27 degrees today. Our skipper says the water is too warm for swimming and doesn’t refresh you! I don’t agree with him.

Preparing dinner on the aft deck.

I think it is going to be an exciting day tomorrow.