Day 3

The stove in the galley is mounted on gimbals so that as the boat heels the cooking pots do not slide all over the hot rings. It works well. Or at least most of the time. Last night the swell was maybe 4 metres and the boat was heeling at times 30 degrees. The amount of travel on the stove was not enough. And what was the consequence of this? Well the vegetable quiche mixture spilled over the side of the dish in the oven and out of the bottom. The cook claimed that the housing under the cooker was now cleaner than it had been before.
This morning I awoke to a much calmer sea and the wind had dropped to only two knots. It was an opportunity to mend one of the tracks on the mainsail.
I was down in the galley when the only whale sighting of the day was made. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.
On a sunny day there is nothing better than to sit in the cockpit with a cup of tea and learn a few more knots. Who knows when you will need them.
We launched a trawl over the stern for half an hour to gather things from the surface. The aim is to find out how much plastic there is in different places. Sad to say, we found some bits of plastic. Jack also spotted a plastic bag floating in the water as we sailed past it.
If you want to see what the wind is doing in the South Atlantic and the size of the task of the navigator in steering a course that takes you to the most favourable wind direction then have a look at HYPERLINK “http://www.windy.com