Day 04
Trawling hydrophones behind the boat is a good idea. You can hear underwater sounds made by whales. That is, of course, if you are fairly close. The listening is carried out automatically by one of the computers and also every 15 minutes by a human. I think this is probably the second-best job in the world. The cockpit of a boat in the warm and sunny South Atlantic is a wonderful place to have your office.
It was a fairly calm night or perhaps I am just becoming accustomed to the rolling and swaying of every flat surface.
Time is beginning to take on a different tempo. A morning cup of tea in bed always used to be a luxury. Nowadays a morning cup of tea is taken in the cockpit whilst gazing out over the ocean and marvelling at another blue-sky morning. I only wish the seats were a bit more comfortable. Perhaps I should have brought my padded cycling shorts with me.
Huge quantities of food are cooked for dinner every day. A meal is not a success unless there are left overs. These are usually finished off for lunch the following day.
There is a squall approaching from behind this afternoon. We are running downwind and the dark cloud is bearing down slowly but surely. We are expecting a strong wind period. Last night in the early hours and in the dark the wind increased suddenly and the mainsail was lowered. It was a time of a lot of noise, shouting to each other above the flapping of the sails. As I am not part of the real crew I was able to lie in my bunk and listen to the action two metres above my head.
The squall came to little. Just a short period of rain and then the wind dropped.