Day 05
The wind has been light, the sun has been hot, the sky has been blue. I have seen small birds but no whales. I am still struggling to identify the birds. I think they are some kind of albatross but I am not sure.
We are in 3,500 metres of water here though you couldnt tell by looking out the porthole. The swell is a bit more regular than it has been and the winds have been light for the last twenty four hours. There is not much to report today. For a while we put up the pole on the genoa as we were running before the wind.
In the relative calm conditions Jack went up the mast to replace a bulb in the navigation light. It reminded me of the joke about how many crew does it take to change a light bulb Well on this occasion there were three actively involved plus three onlookers.
I have included a picture of where I sit when I write this blog. It is very civilised a proper office space. You probably cannot make out the raised edges around the desk to stop things sliding off Every flat surface has raised edges but even so when the boat heels 30 degrees then things do get swept off. You have to hope it is not the bowl that you just grated the cheese for dinner that lands on the floor.
It has been hot today. I have been looking for shade this afternoon. There are all sorts of scientific measuring instruments on board that can tell you your speed, the speed of the wind, your position on the earth, satellite phone, vhf phone, depth, compass bearing, air pressure, radar to tell you if other boats are near, hydrophones to listen to undersea sounds, five computers and probably lots more that I am not aware of. However there doesnt seem to be any thermometer that tells you how hot it is. In the weeks to come that might be just as well.
The honeydew melons were going rotten so we had to eat them this afternoon. Delicious.