Day 07
Above my bunk is a skylight. I often lie on my back, gazing at the stars moving across the small Perspex cover as the boat rolls with the swell. When the weather is hot the skylight can be opened to allow air to circulate. The cabins are very small and with the skylight closed they get very stuffy very quickly so the doors are usually left open all the time and the skylight is kept open as often as possible.
At 3.40am this morning I was reminded that the skylight was still open by a bucket full of seawater landing on top of me. The wind had increased during the night, the waves accordingly had grown and the bow, punching through the swell was sending water over the foredeck.
Of course you cannot hang things out to dry on the deck at the moment as it is regularly drenched in warm sea water so for once, the galley table now has a duvet stretched across it. I was wondering if we could use it as a table cloth. It will certainly stop plates and cutlery sliding around!
Whatever the weather, the routine of listening to the hydrophones carries on. We havent been hearing very much so far, just a few distinctive clicks every now and again above the hiss and crackle of the earphones.