Day 10
The wind veered overnight and also eased so this morning we took out the reefs in the mainsail and unfurled both foresails. It was a lovely mornings sailing as we sat in the cockpit taking our ease.
The excitement of the morning was a flying fish that landed on deck. We returned it to the ocean. There was a glimpse of a freighter in the distance but it soon disappeared below the horizon.
For a couple of minutes, a bird circled the boat, Niall identified it as a Booby, but today that was the only one we spotted.
We are steadily eating our way through the fresh food store. We have three fridges to keep some vegetables fresh but the bulk is kept in the lazarette the space at the very back of the boat. Niall and Mat bought the food and we take it in turns to cook whatever needs to be eaten up that day. Sometimes the cooking becomes quite experimental. The plantains the other day were surprisingly nice in vegetable curry. (All meals are vegetarian). Today Valerie is experimenting baking a chocolate cake in the bread maker. I havent decided yet what concoction I am going to serve tonight. One thing, however, can be guaranteed. Everyone will eat large helpings of whatever I cook. I have never had such an appreciative group to cook for.
The skylights remain closed and the cabins remain stifling. We did change course last night for five minutes to open the skylights to cool the cabins. It was fairly successful apart from the seawater that came through the vent above the corridor. Thankfully all the bunks remained dry.