Day 11
Chocolate cake. Something everyone loves. Valerie found some chocolate cake mixture in the store and thought it would be good to experiment making a cake in the bread maker. We had been heeled over at a steep angle on a starboard tack for hours and hours. The bread makers are secured on a shelf and so are at are the same angle. Interestingly the resulting cake came out wedge-shaped! It didnt seem to make any difference to the taste, however, and there were only a few crumbs left after being served with cream for dessert last night!
This morning was much calmer and we hoisted all three sails. It was promising to be a very hot day with little wind. Jack spotted something in the water off our port bow and after peering hard in that direction we realised there were some dolphins. We altered course to be closer. There were about thirty Rizzos dolphins that swam leisurely past us. These dolphins dont jump out of the water very much and it was difficult to get any kind of a good picture. My reactions are much too slow! It was an exciting half an hour.
Later in the morning the wind increased which brought a welcome cooling breeze. Sam has likened the heat here to the inside of a kettle. I did some washing using plenty of pegs to fasten my shirt to the companion rail. I would hate it to be blown off into the water.
Jack took one of the winches to pieces to clean it and I finished reading the story of someone who spent 76 days drifting across the Atlantic in a five foot inflatable survival raft. It is a gripping story but perhaps it would be more appropriate to read it when you are on dry land and not when you are in a sailing boat in the middle of the ocean.