Day 12
In the evening we sailed within sight of some gas / oil platforms. They were perhaps 18 miles away, one of them was burning off gas and gave off an incredibly bright light just like a nearby street light. What a waste. I wish I could pipe this unwanted gas back to my house.
We woke this morning to grey skies and rain. What a shock not to have blue sky and dry seats for the morning cup of tea. After a couple of hours the weather reverted to more typical fare, the sun shone and we basked in its heat. Luckily the squally rain showers that were about missed us.
At lunchtime today a handful of dolphins swam along with the boat for five minutes. They were possibly Atlantic Spotted dolphins. They were too quick for me to get a reasonable photo but I got lots of pictures of empty water!
There was a ship on the horizon, another Booby seabird with her juvenile flew past and we had a fire drill – but most of the day was spent looking at the never ending waves.
One of the desks in the cabin is devoted to navigation. The picture is of Niall sat there. The screen in front of him displays an electronic chart with our position and the position of any other ships and he is surrounded by all sorts of other electronic devices two radios, another system for identifying nearby ships, depth sounder, satellite phone, barometer, compass, wind speed and direction indicator and probably more that I havent learnt about yet. On the desk in front of him is also a paper chart which is also used in plotting our course.
It was just another lovely sunset this evening with the almost full moon already risen on the opposite side of the boat.