Day 13
A busy morning today. The sea was much calmer and the wind was light so we pulled the Manta Trawl for half and hour to see what plastic we could discover. There were a few small pieces. We always find some plastic. It seems you cannot escape traces of 21st civilisation even in the middle of the ocean.
We have been listening to the sounds of the ocean. The background noise in the earphones has been getting loud so we pulled it in for examination. The hydrophone array is at the end of 400 metres of cable so pulling it in takes a while and the cable has to be wound on a drum. At the end of this length of cable is connected a tail of clear plastic tube filled with oil and containing the microphones. When the cable was pulled in it was discovered that the waterproof seal on the connector that joins the cable to the tail had perished and sea water had got into the electrics. Maybe that is the cause of the crackling we can hear. The plan is to attach a new hydrophone tail to the cable. It is not surprising that this assembly is suffering wear for it has been trailed half way round the world from the UK to South Georgia and back to the Brazilian coast here.
The wind dropped to almost nothing in the afternoon so we stopped for a short while and we all went for a swim in 3,000 metres of water. It was so warm. The depth sounder says the water temperature is 29°C. Even I thought the water was warm! The boat looked big from sea level. It seems so small when you are on board.
We saw a few big splashes of dolphins 500 metres ahead and were hoping we would sail right up to them. Sam and I went up the viewing platform above the afterdeck to try and spot them but inconsiderately they swam off without waiting for us.
Jack made some great pancakes for breakfast and then chocolate brownies for lunch. I wonder whats for supper..