Day 14
Last night the moon was full and so bright on the water. It is too hot these days to eat dinner in the boat and we have dinner on deck by moonlight. Easter, as you will all know, is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox. (!) That is why the date of Easter varies so much as it is determined by the phases of the moon.
Today was another calm sea day and we managed to fit in a swim as the hydrophone had to be pulled in for examination. The hydrophone assembly is at the end of a 400 metre cable so it takes quite a while to pay it out carefully.
The sea is so incredibly blue. I took a picture of the sea to demonstrate how the sea surface changes colour. On the right with a blue sky it is blue, on the left with cloud it is grey. Diving into the sea on a sunny day and opening your eyes underwater (I wear goggles) the blueness is overwhelming.
We were searching for shade today as you can see from the photographs. The skylights were open to try and cool the cabins as the sea is calm today and there seems little chance of a wave crashing over the foredeck.
Tomorrow we reach the port of Salvador in Brazil. On Easter Sunday. I am looking forward to the smells of the land.